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There are many reasons why some of the top agencies have AgenciesOnline do their marketing for them.

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About You

Stressed Worker

You are an agency principal, manager, or have other responsibilities in your organization that constantly keep you more than busy.

You recognize the necessity to market, advertise, and tell your agency's story to prospects and clients. Yet you see how more complex the world of marketing is getting... how demanding on your time and temperament it is just to stay even with the changes in marketing.

You realize that your agency is different from any others... and that you need to be unique in your marketing efforts, not just use standardized, packaged "answers"

You are beginning to realize that the possibility of using professional insurance marketers like those at AgenciesOnline can probably pay for itself over and over... letting you concentrate more on what you do best.

That's why you are about to find an answer to your future agency growth by looking at one of the leading insurance marketing organizations, AgenciesOnline.

Insurance agencies face a rapidly evolving marketplace

Constantly evolving technology is changing the landscape of the insurance industry. Capitalizing on these new tools means growing your client base at rapid rates. However, in order to benefit from the tools, insurance agents must be trained to effectively employ them.

A larger population of Americans than ever before is seeking insurance coverage, but their expectations are not what they once were. Modern consumers are suspicious of traditional marketing. They want engagement and interaction, not a sales pitch.

How can a successful insurance agency prosper in the 21st century when the marketplace is in a state of perpetual flux? How can your agents adapt to new technologies and demands while also meeting the changing needs of their clients?

Challenge Accepted

We Understand

AgenciesOnline helps insurance agents adapt and thrive

In order to thrive, professionals need to develop the skills that make them experts in their field. Professional development and time are two of the most valuable assets, then, that a workplace can offer its staff.

AgenciesOnline offers both to insurance agencies.

By offering our expertise in marketing and technology, we provide insurance agents with time to develop relationships with their clients and provide top of the line services. We develop customized marketing strategies, and we even provide the tools necessary to implement those strategies.

Our team of web designers and developers create responsive, elegant websites with integrated tools that make insurance easier. We offer optimized content to build your business' search engine ranking. Our robust email marketing campaigns put your message directly into prospective clients' inboxes.

We take time to ensure that your staff knows how to make the most of your new technology through training. Our cache of professional development tools helps insurance agents adapt to an ever-changing market. Professional coaching and educational resources guarantee that your agency will have all it needs to adapt and thrive.

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Marketing Services

The list below briefly describes the various services provided to AgenciesOnline clients. Each is automatically included in the monthly fee paid by "AO agencies", although the sizes and amounts of the services can be adjusted depending on the size of the agency and its needs.

Website - Designed and Built Especially for You

You will receive a custom built website, highlighting both your brand, products you sell and your value proposition. We work with you to promote those things unique to your agency, including specialties, community involvement, and service. We can use the content on your existing site or create content for you. Unlike a local firm you might hire, we know insurance so you don't need to educate us. We work with you to understand your agency and what you want your site to say - and we do the rest!

Mobile Ready - responsive website

The lines are rapidly blurring on how people access information from your agency. Will it be from a desktop computer with a wide screen, traditional screen, tablet, e reader or smartphone? We build your website so that regardless of the device your website will display correctly without the need to scroll left to right. This means you do not need to have different applications for a mobile app and a website. This minimizes the maintenance costs and keeps everything in complete parity.

Website Hosting, Content Changes and Automatic Updates

We host your website, should you desire, utilizing cloud hosting, the latest in secure technology, guaranteeing your site will never go down.

In addition, we add content to our members' websites, so as to keep your site fresh while maximizing search engine optimization. For example, the new videos we continually produce will be automatically added to the "player box" within your website.

Any changes your desire just let us know. There is no additional cost for changes and updates you want made.

Search Engine Optimization

We use the latest Search Engine Optimization tools to ensure you have the highest "hit" ratio. By adding content, links, and videos to your site, your agency will organically browse high in searches. Due to the fact that Search engine optimization is constantly changing and evolving, we follow the latest trends and are constantly updating our processes and protocols on our members' sites to ensure they gain the most visibility in the search engines.

Urgent - Emergency Notifications and Proactive Client Communications

What happens when there is a service interruption at your office, power, phones, or Internet? It may be an isolated situation - or it may be due to a natural disaster. With our Emergency Notifications and proactive client communications service we help you communicate with your clients. We post a banner on your website to alert your clients with tailored information - for example alternative phone numbers to reach you or highlighting the availability of the claims section on your website. In addition during natural disasters we prepare proactive email blasts about the situation and preparedness tips. You let us know of any changes and we send them to your client list. During these times we are there to help you help your clients and demonstrate how your agency is there as an advocate for your clients.

Social Networking

Facebook, LinkedIn - are you taking advantage of the social media craze? We work with our members to add social networking to their websites and then create posts and post them to your site in order to significantly increase web traffic.

Smart Forms

We have lots of forms! We put at your disposal our entire library of quote and service forms. However, should we not have a form you need, we will custom build it for you. These are not just any forms; they are fillable "smart" forms. For example, our quote forms allow your visitor to enter their information securely, which then is integrated in your agency management system as a download. Our forms are designed as a single entry point. If a prospect wants multiple lines of business quoted, they do not need to go to multiple forms - eliminating all redundant entry of information. Also, if you have links to instant raters like PL Rater or EZ Links we will add those to your website as well.


Engage your website visitors with entertaining and instructional videos! Each of our members' websites has access to over 100 insurance specific videos. Enhance your servicing by sending a link to one of these videos to a client who has a specific insurance need. New videos are regularly added to our library and then to each of our member's website.

Live Chat

Here is an additional way you can communicate to your prospects and clients. This instant messaging system, accessible from any page on your website, allows a visitor to quickly communicate when they are in that "instance of interest" and want to be in touch with someone immediately. After hours, the live chat goes to an email submission form. This powerful tool can also be used internally between associates in the agency.

Debit/Credit Card Premium Payments for Your Clients

No need for the agency to set up a merchant ID. Your client arranges to pay their premium and a small convenience fee via a debit or credit card.


As part of membership, and should you need this service, we offer email hosting of up to 30 email addresses. Additional addresses and virtual Exchange server services can be added for an additional fee.

Web Conferencing

With pressure on the agency both to sell and to service, this tool allows you to communicate with your prospects and clients via the web. Whether clients are next door, across town, or out of state, here is a timely and cost effective way to review proposals, applications, and claims. This valuable tool can also be used by the agency itself to easily communicate with remote associates or satellite offices.

Sales Leader Program

Our database contains over 15 million businesses and 200 million individuals. Search by many criteria to truly target market. Your membership includes 6,000 leads each year. You can even preview the leads first without having them count against your 6,000 total. Once you choose the leads that meet your criteria, simply download them into your agency management system. Expand on your existing markets, or enter new markets with this powerful tool. We help our members integrate these leads with comprehensive marketing campaigns (see below).

Marketing Campaigns

In today's competitive world you need to go deeper than "Marketing 101". We have proven marketing programs and strategies to help our members both acquire new business and round out existing accounts. If you need a program for one of your special niche markets, we will work with you to build a customized program. Unlimited access to our existing campaigns and we will build custom campaigns for any market segment you desire.

Our marketing campaigns consist of website, electronic and snail mail blasts, fliers, brochures, social media posts and agency communications (correspondence) all customized to emphasize the campaign with calls to actions

Email Marketing Distribution

As part of your membership, you will have access to email templates to send out marketing messages through this media. Have a special market niche - we will custom design a campaign for you. You can generate reports to track that opened your email and who subscribed/unsubscribed.

Print on Demand

Whether it is a campaign we have designed, or something you have created in house, we can help you with our Print On Demand Service. Either generate your own, or use our Sales Leader Program to generate a list. All you do is pay for the printing and postage at the discounted rates we have negotiated through our partner.

News Magazines

We offer quarterly email news magazines - one for Personal Lines and one for Commercial Lines –that can be sent to your clients and prospects. These are more than just static emailed newsletters because they include a video. Through our reporting engine, you can easily view statistics including the open rates. We help you every step of the way in the creation of your list - including campaigns to acquire email addresses from your existing clients - distribution and tracking results.

Rough Notes Producer Online

This powerful library of product education and risk surveys is available as an agency resource as part of membership.

Resource Guide

Everyone in your agency will want access to this powerful reference library. Designed as a knowledge-based system, this resource guide can be used by your staff to review and retrieve marketing campaigns, letters, forms, useful links, training pieces, and Power Point Presentations. This is the hub of the AO system.

Ongoing Public Relations

To keep your agency fresh both in cyberspace and with the local press, we work with you to create the press releases that will bring your insurance message to your community - from seminars, to latest additions to your website, to helpful info, and product offerings.

Marketing Specialist

As a member, you will be assigned a Marketing Specialist who will work with you on a monthly basis regarding both your agency and the progress of your marketing plans. Whether you need changes to your site, want to design a new marketing campaign, or generate a report, your Specialist is available to assist you.

Online Compliance Tracking

Available for all your licensed employees, this tool allows you to track your continuing education credits. It sends you alerts, as well as providing you with an electronic way to renew your licenses.

Management System Consulting

We work with you to enhance the marketing capabilities of your agency management system. We also help you to both integrate and track your pre-sale activities in your system.

Ongoing Training and Support

In addition to all the tools and resources we provide, we also make available unlimited access to the training aids needed for your agency personnel to learn how to utilize the technologies we offer as well as incorporate the marketing into your sales activities.

Monday Morning

Every Monday each member of your agency can receive our "Monday Morning" interactive newsletter, filled with important news and happenings in the insurance industry as well as tech and marketing tips.

More about us

Meet the AgenciesOnline Team

Seasoned insurance professionals who understand insurance marketing

Agencies online was founded by George Nordhaus and Valerie Jordan, who have more than 70 years of combined experience in insurance marketing and agency management. George is a well-known marketing consultant and author.

A former insurance agency executive, Val has an insider's insight into the industry that makes her an authority on insurance marketing. She works with agencies to build cohesive platforms for growth through the integration of agency management systems and marketing systems.

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George Nordhaus


With over 40 years of hands-on experience, George is a legend in the insurance community. The former EVP of the Insurors of Tennessee and the Indiana Association of Insurance Agents, George also formed Insurance Marketing and Management Services (IMMS), for years and still one of the leading providers of information for the independent agencies of the world.

Val Jordan


Val launched her thirty-year career in the insurance industry as Head of Marketing and Advertising with two insurance carriers. In 1990, she established Jordan & Jordan Associates, a financial services management consulting firm specializing in designing, developing, delivering, and implementing full service insurance programs to the financial institution marketplace.


  • The power of AgenciesOnline is tremendous. By using AgenciesOnline we’ve improved our client communications beyond our wildest expectations. This year, with the help of AgenciesOnline, we saved a few trees by sending an electronic greeting to all our clients wishing them a happy and safe holiday season. Not the typical electronic greeting.…but one that “wowed” even the most technologically-savvy client. Our electronic message included a voice message from me, the President of Wright-Gardner. Many clients have commented on how “neat” it was and how impressed they are that we remain on the cutting edge. In fact, we’ve used this technology on several occasions to mass disseminate important messages to our clients. We’ve also received a slew of compliments on how easy it is to use our new AgenciesOnline-created Web site. The voiceovers and videos, along with the smooth transitions, make navigating our site easy and extremely user-friendly. The fact that the people working with AgenciesOnline have insurance knowledge is the critical component as to how Agencies Online sets itself apart from ANY other marketing firm. They KNOW our business and therefore they KNOW what we need to do to be successful. Working with Agencies Online has been a dream come true for Wright-Gardner. They have become an integral partner to the long-term success of our agency, "They rock"!
    Christian Wright
    Wright-Gardner Insurance
  • The story is simple. They can help and are very willing do so. But to get the very best out of the program, you have to help too. They have taken the stress out of marketing, social media and website marketing. They have given my agency a direction and purpose.
    Stan Logan, Jr.
    Logan Lavelle Hunt
  • I have been a customer of Agencies Online since 2011 and I must say, this they are the BEST. Val and her team truly keep it "simplified"..easy to work with, understand and most of all fast and efficient in all needed. We are in a very time sensitive industry and the gang at Agencies Online understands this. I recommend their services to anyone, not just retail insurance agencies but seasoned and experienced independent insurance agents/brokers needing a website presence.
    Kristi Marininelli
  • Agencies Online has been a great resource for CLG, from the design of our website to the quarterly e-magazines, newsletters, and Facebook posts. They provide valuable insight on agency marketing best practices and they have been pro active in helping us keep our website and social media sights looking fresh and up to date. Both Val and Richard are extremely responsive and have really become part of our team. We couldn't do it without them.
    Kathy Bradley
    CLG Insurance
    New York
  • Agencies Online has been our provider of website services for almost 3 years now and what is most refreshing is their availability – always extremely proactive in sharing ideas on a regular basis and responsive when we want their help on a marketing piece or contest. They have also expanded their staff in the past few years in order to bring even more products and services to us. Always looking for ways to keep their clients on the leading edge and we are certainly glad to be part of that!
    Jeffri Northcut
    Hyland Block & Hyland
  • AgenciesOnline made the very intense process of designing and implementing a new Web site a rewarding experience. We appreciate the world-class service AgenciesOnline has provided. Their long-time and proven insurance marketing expertise has been critical in helping us move into the 21st Century of communications and technology.
    Len Forey
    Talon Insurance Agency
  • Our organization is over 110 years old and we have had to adapt to many ways of doing business. We have grown our business by looking for, and implementing, innovative solutions to drive our business forward – and our relationship with AgenciesOnline has been nothing short of stellar! The key for us is the total integration they offer. They are so much more than providers of Web sites, it is their comprehensive marketing expertise and turn-key solutions including targeted marketing campaigns, proactive communication strategies and technology tools that have really helped us take our marketing to a whole new level! They are a true productivity partner and make things happen!
    James D. Hamilton, AAI, ARM, CPCU
    Home Loan Insurance Co.
  • Appleby & Wyman has been very happy with the service and product from AgenciesOnline. The activity that the Web site has generated, including compliments to the design and content have been terrific. We look forward to generating more activity through our interactive Web site and writing more business. The Web site is a business tool that prospective buyers view before they meet with our sales team or decide to purchase a product. We are proud to have this tool to help with all sides of the sales process. I am particularly fond of the "live chat" feature which allows us to stay current with new methods of communication.
    Lisa Marciano, CPCU
    Senior Vice President, Operations
    Appleby & Wyman Insurance Agency, Inc.

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